Favorite memories: Participating in sports, Corner drug store, Floyd's Pastime, Cottage parties, a couple of nice senior girls who tried to teach me to dance (unsuccessfully) and  the many good friends and shared good times. Those were the days.  Also we had a pretty good basketball team that year and beat Webster City at a time when they were ranked #4 in the state. One of my favorite memories from high school.  By the way, the score was 62-59. 

Favorite songs: Way too many to list, but, loved "White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation" and Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. To select just one though, I will settle for Tommy Edward's "All in the Game.

Life After Graduation: Drake U in Fall of 57 with football scholarship (dropped out after 2 wks to return home). Then enrolled in MCJC and played football and basketball and left for the Navy just short of getting an AA degree (too long a story for this format). Upon return from the Navy I was offered a football scholarship to the Univ of Iowa, but, needed to complete some credits at MCJC first. 

Played one season at Iowa before making another college choice. I left Iowa in the spring of 1963 to enroll at Bemidji State (nickname Beavers) and decided to get a degree this time. After 5 successful quarters there, I finally earned a BA degree with a Business Major and Sociology minor. By this time, I believe I had 6 yrs of college and a 4 year degree. I decided to marry a Clear Lake underclassperson (Julie Estergard ) during  the summer before my last quarter of college in 1964. I graduated winter quarter of 1964 and began working for IBM in January 1965 in Rochester, MN. I retired from IBM in 1995 and moved back to CL in 1998. Julie and I raised three children... Kristen, Barbara, and Joel and now have 5 grandchildren.

I have been in touch with several classmates on an ongoing basis and I enjoyed working with the committee that planned the 50th reunion. 

Jack MacDonald 
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