Name- Edward (Buttleman) Nojiri
Nickname- Bob (on the email address for hotmail)
Martial Status- Married
Spouse's Name- Hiroko
Email address- OR
Phone #- 3431-5580
Fax- 3431-0095
Your life since 1957- Luther College, US Army in Korea and Japan; worked for a stock broker in San Francisco, boring; a credit company in San Francisco, too exciting as I was a collector of bad debts; Japan Airlines in San Francisco; then to Japan in 1968 and worked for Japan Airlines until retirement in 1999.  Married in 1973; no children.

Your life now- Help my wife out in the little art gallery she still runs in Tokyo.  Travel a bit, read...
What classmates have you kept in contact with?  Jane Smith, Jane Coyier, Mick Minette mainly and not so very regularly.
What classmates would you like to hear from?  Anyone at all; always fun to catch up.
Would/could you help find classmates?  I would if I could but that would be only if one of them got lost here in Asia somewhere.
Any hobbies?  Avid Ebay'er; get those good deals- especially anything that I can resell here.
Favorite song of 1957 or earlier?  The Great Pretender 
Edward (Buttleman) Nojiri 
Just a snap of a wild rose that decided to grow up at our cottage, right out of the rocks. This is only 2 years old.  Wonder what it will be like in 5 or more??
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