Name:  Melville P Hughes
Nickname:  Duke
Martial Status:  Married
Spouse:  Rose Marie Corrigeux Hughes
Home Address:  720 Arnold Court, Dixon, CA 95620
Phone #:  707-678-2977, 406-257-6090 (~6/15-9/1)
Cell Phone #:  707-592-5460
Fax #:  707-678-2977 (call first)

Your Life Since 1957:  Attended the University of Idaho under the Navy ROTC program.  Cost my folks $50 a month which included my board and room in a fraternity, what a deal.  BS Chemistry.  Meet Rose Marie when I was a senior and she a young freshman.  Spent four years in the Navy, Japan and Rhode Island where our son was born.  Then worked in at the Hanford Atomic Works in Richland, WN, where our daughter was born.
Spend seven years in Huron, OH, working as a lab supervisor for a NASA contractor and got an MA Chemistry.  Than transferred to Palo Alto, CA in 1973.  Have been in California ever since.  Health and Safety contractor for NASA at Moffet Field, ran Firemans Fund Insurance national Industrial Hygiene Program, and then retired in 2002 from Kaiser Permanente.
Our oldest Tom and his wife, Jacksie, live in Livermore, CA, and have a son, William, and daughter, Emma.  Tom is finishing up a Law degree and works in the legal department at Washington Mutual.  We moved to Dixon to be near our daughter, Lia, who has a son, Brian, and daughter, Dana.  Lia is a Day Care Provider and Web Site Designer.

Your Life Now:  Never believed people who said they were busier after retirement, but it is true.  We tutor two of our grandchildren every afternoon during the school year.  I am very involved with the Boy Scouts at both the Unit and District levels.  Tom joined Dad and my three brothers as Eagle Scouts,  Brian is Star and William is First Class.  Brian and I went to the National Jamboree in 2005 and I attend Scout Camp with him.   Rose Marie is a quilter and made Tom a quilt entitled "Soaring With the Eagles".  She and I now spend our summers at a small lake in the wilds of Montana, near her mother and sister, not far from Glacier Park.  Her other sister lives in Dixon near us.

What classmates have you kept in contact with:  None except touching base when in Clear Lake.
What classmates would you like to hear from:  Any.  I made the 10th, 25th and 30th reunions.
Would/could you help find classmates:  Not sure how but could try.
Any hobbies:  Scouts and word/number games.
Favorite song of 1957 or earlier:  nothing particular, anything romantic. 

Duke Hughes
Music is
'Unchained Melody'