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Duane Aske

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Duane and Joyce

Name-   Duane Aske
           720 Kellogg Ave #503
           Ames, Iowa  50010

Marital Status
- Married December 1958, Widower August 1989.
Remarried October 1990 to Joyce

Life Since 1957 - After graduation I enlisted in the US Air Force for four years, two of those years were in Anchorage, Alaska.  Returned to Clear Lake in 1961 and went to work for the Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company for 32 years.  Had two children, Deborah (Deb) in 1962 and Mark, deceased, February 1965.  Deb, her husband Kendall, daughter Karah- age 16 and son Kaleb- age 14 live in Ankeny, Iowa.

In 1993 I took early retirement from 'CL Tel' and moved to Arkansas for three years.  I returned to Iowa and lived in Boone for ten years.  At present we are renting a (tree house) 5th floor condo in Ames.

Hobbies- Activities-  I walk as much as I can, bicycle some, go to the grand children's games, etc, do volunteer work, do some traveling, a little fishing and go to auctions.

Classmates in contact with-  Duane Toppin, Kaye Barlow, Jon Matson and Dale Sargent who we lived next door to for a number of years.  Would like to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch.

Last Updated 12/29/2006

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Music is
'50s Medley'