Name :  Don Funte
Nickname: Haven't heard of any repeatable one's
Martial status:  Married
Spouse's  name: Elsie Lousie Sorlie  (classmate)
Home Address:  2175 West Gore Road , Morris ,IL 60450
Email Address :
Phone: 815-942-1776

Your life since 1957:   I left the farm south of Clear Lake and attended Luther College in Decorah ,Iowa. While there I played football on a very successful team and wrestled at the 177 pound class.  (Oh to be there again).  I majored in Biology and Secondary Education.  I spent much of my time writing letters to a wonderful classmate going to St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Elsie eventually transferred to Luther College and we were married in 1959.  This would be one of the best moves in my life.  After graduating in 1961, Elsie and I moved to Morris, Illinois where I took a teaching and coaching position.  These were very productive years; football teams won, some State Champions in wrestling, my students were successful. 

I grew very close to Jesus Christ.  Elsie and I had 5 great  children.  Tim is a missionary in Mexico, Todd is with the FAA in Atlanta, GA, Trent is an electrician  and robots expert at Caterpillar in Joliet IL., Troy is a pastor in PA. and our daughter is a successful housewife in OK.  We have 16 grand children. We love them all.

Your life now; I retired in 1993 where Elsie and I live on a small farm.  I raise and train horses and give some riding instructions to a number of promising equestrians.  During the summer baling hay keeps me tired.  Elsie loves to work in her flower garden and produces most of her plants from seed.  We both are very active in our Church, where Elsie is the Handbell Choir Director.  What a great life.  
The old body does not respond like it use to, but I still like "standing on the corner ,watching all the girls go by" , but now I can't remember why anymore.  Humm !  That is probably a good thing .

What classmates have you kept in contact with? : Because of the emails- Bill K., Pinky L., Jack M. Jim F. and a few others.
What classmates would you like to hear from:  Anyone !!
Favorite song of 1957 : Over the Mountain  ( over the mountain over the sea, that's where my heart is longing to be .....)  
Don Funte
I'm sorry but I was unable to find the song you requested Don. 
But I made a substitution that I hope you will be happy with. 
It goes along with something you said!  :)
Music is-
'Standing On The Corner Watching All The Girls Go By' 

This is a little more relaxed kind of riding at a horse show. Different horse than the one that cuts cows . ®