After Graduation, Dave spent the summer enjoying time with his family and friends.  In August, he enlisted in the US Navy and went to Boot Camp at Great Lakes.  After he completed that course, he was stationed at the, then called Naval School of Music in Washington DC.  He went through the Basic Course and then was stationed in the band aboard the Flag Ship of the 6th Fleet, the USS. Des Moines out of Villafrance, France.  The ship traveled to many ports in the Med and the band played at them all.  From the time of enlistment to then he had made Musician 3rd Class.

In May of 1960, Dave flew back to the States for a two week visit and for our wedding- Dave and Julie (the former Julie Hayden).  We then flew back to Villefrance to enjoy a year of Julie traveling from port to port following the ship.  In July of 1961, we flew back to New York where he was discharged.  We then flew to Clear Lake to visit with family and friends before taking the train to Albuquerque NM.

In August of 1961, our first daughter was born, Tami Lynn. Dave worked as an instructor of accordion and piano near where we lived.  He also attended some classes at the college there.  (I can not remember the name of it, I am sorry.)  In August of 1962, our second daughter was born, Teri Lou.

About nine months later Dave decided to join the Coast Guard Band in New London Conn.  We packed up the family and drove back to Clear Lake awaiting Dave's orders.  There was a mixup on them and he never did receive verification of acceptance in the Coast Guard.

That was a good thing, it turned out.  Dave then re-enlisted in the US Navy and we drove to Washington DC where the School of Music still was at that time.  We lived in DC during the time of Kennedy's assasination and Dave stood in the Cordon along the route of the procession and also at  Arlington Cemetery.  In 1964, the Naval School of Music moved to Norfolk, Va on the Little Creek Amphib Base.  We of course, followed the School because Dave was at that time on the Staff as a trombone instructor.

In June of 1965 we had our third daughter, Toby Louise.
Dave had taken up the hobby of bowling because the base bowling alley was right across the street from the School of Music.  During the next several years he won District and Regional Playoffs.  He was working at the Bowling Alley on the base part time so he had access to all the free practice bowling he could manage! 

Meanwhile, he had earned his way up through the rate of MU2, MU1 and Chief Petty Officer, Musician.  He continued at the School of Music where he was then the Registrar of the School.  He also played in the Faculty Concert Band and on occasion, other small groups.  He  also instructed trombone for a period of time.

In 1970 we had our fourth daughter, Tonya Lea.  By that time we had moved to our home in Virginia Beach, Va. Life continued much the same for Dave though the years.  He retired as Senior Chief Musician in 1989 after 30 years service.  He then worked full time at the bowling alley and also instructed bowling.

In his 30 years service, Dave was an All Navy bowler for six years and won the All Navy championship in 1982.  He was elected to the Tidewater Bowling Council Hall of Fame in 1989.

During all this time, our daughters married and had children.  We have been blessed with 5 Grandsons and 2 Grandaughters.  In June of last year our first Great Grandson was born. 

In 1994 Dave was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma, a form of cancer of the bones.  He had extensive back surgery to stabilize his back.  For the remainder of his life he had very little discomfort from the cancer or the treatments and was able to enjoy life up until the last few months.

He passed away on the 26th of June, 1999 but he will live in our hearts forever.  As a Scottish Bagpiper played 'Amazing Grace' in the distance and the gun salute went off... tears were shed.  But it wasn't long before the stories that his friends had to tell of his antics, had us all smiling and remembering Dave's great sense of humor. 
Taken possibly in 1985
David Earl Traub 
This page is a work in progress.  It will take me a very long time to tell the story of Dave's life.  Please check back again to hear more.  Remember to refresh to see the changes and additions.  
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Stories of Dave from his friends

From Alan Yeager
This is a story that Al Yeager (CLHS Class of 56) sent about Dave.  Al was his 'hero' and his reason for joining the Navy in the first place.  Thank you Alan. 
I tell the story about the first time I was on the Sullivan Show.   There were probably 15 acts with their support staff, agents managers, etc. plus the entire crew for the show. It wasn't exactly pandemonium but you get the picture and some guy yells out ...  AL YEAGER! TELEPHONE! 
and it was Dave Traub.  How he ever got in to a telephone in the backstage of the theater I'll never know. 
When he came back to Clear Lake one time after I had gotten out of the Navy (I'd be guessing 1964 or 65), he sat in with us I believe at the All Vets.  I remember he was much farther along in the jazz vein then I was and he sounded great.  Al 

From Ed Buttleman
When I think about Dave, I always remember that I could only go over to his house on Saturday afternoons for 2 hours because the rest of the time he had to practice the piano.  This is when they were living in the basement of what would eventually be a two story wooden house and we were in Primary School.   He was the very first one to get Sports Illustrated when it was first published and we would very reverently look at it, making sure to not spoil any of the pages, etc..  The other outstanding memory is our infamous hitchhiking trip to an Indian Reservation in North Dakota where his uncle had a ministry.  Stranded on the road; almost impossible to get a hotel in Sioux Falls; on return we had to stay with a minister's family in Hartley or some other small Iowa town.  And his love of bowling; the time we did not push the button to inform the front of how many games we had played...   And his terrific sense of humor - or maybe it was just our silly high school sense of humor - but we had a lot of fun... 

From Gary Lowman

My memories of Dave span 11 years from 3rd Grade Ė High School Graduation.  We got acquainted in Sunday School @ the Clear Lake Methodist Church.  We lived just 1 Block from each other, invested time walking to school, playing basketball in his driveway and listening to the radio programs after school (Hopalong, Squeaking Door, Roy Rogers, etc).

Dave was a dedicated pianist and musician (Trumpet & Trombone).  He taught me persistence, friendship and loyalty. 

I know he desired a family as he shared with me his challenges of not being with his Father who lived in Albuquerque.  In our Senior Year, he found what he was always missing when he fell in Love with Julie and they were married in 1960.

I only saw him one time after their marriage in Clear Lake at his Motherís on East Main when he was back for a brief visit in the early 80ís.  We enjoyed a nice visit and shared what life had been teaching us.

I remember Dave as a sincere friend and a willing help in time of need.

Gary Lowman 

From Larry Andersen
"Another thing that I remember about Dave is that he always had an uniqueness about him that said,"I know what I'm doing and where I'm going."  Most of us didn't possess that quality." 

If you are familiar with the music from 'Rent', there is a song that Johnny Mathis sings from that Broadway play.  Some of the words say... 
'Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes. 
How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?'
Words so very true.... 
The song 'All The Way'-
That was 'our' song and how Dave led his life.
Everything he did, he did
All The Way. 
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Dave and Bob (Tinker) Harlen
on our Wedding Day, 5 June, 1960
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