Married to Karen A. Carraro.  She is a LCSW, Psychotherapy. has her own shingle and  her Masters degree.

After Graduation:
Left Clear Lake for the Army, spent 6 years with them, then employed by the Police Dept. in Washington DC.  Spent some time with them then went to work for Gulf Oil Corp.

Then got married, three nice kids, Amy, David Jr. and Brady, who have blessed us with 7 Grandchildren and one Great Grand.

Remarried in 1983.  Karen did a great deal with foster children, still have Ebony in the house working for her masters.  I did open my own remodeling business for several years, put (2) additions on our home.  Now working for a country club, a few bucks on the side and free golf.  I did drive a school bus for some time and I am back at it, might be more that I want....paying for all the time I spent not working.  Looking forward to Iowa trip.
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David (Dave) Roberts
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