Your Life Since 1957:  Luther College, MCJC, worked for the Skelly Oil Company, Getty Oil Company and Texaco.  Retired from Texaco in 1994 after 30 years in the oil business.  Completed all of the honey-due jobs in about two months, got bored and started my own appraisal business.  Only work when I want to which isn't often enough for Helen.

Your Life Now:  Helen & I live in Parker, Colorado.  We have three adult children and six grandchildren.  All live within 12 miles of us.  Spend many hours with the grandkids.

What classmates have you kept in contact with:  Lost track of everyone over the years.

What classmates would you like to hear from:  Anyone that would like to chat or email.

Any hobbies:  Golf, Fishing and the Computer

Favorite song of 1957 or earlier:   Earth Angel
Robert D. Harlan
Nickname:  Bob (Formerly Tinker)
Martial Status:  Married 49 years
Spouse:  Helen
Email Address:
Home Address:  10264 Mica Way, Parker,
                        Colorado 80134
Phone #:  303-840-9689
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