Name:  Bob Guthrie
Nickname:  Guth
Marital Status:  Married
Spouse:  Bonnie Guthrie
Home address:  POB 23345, 1775 Falcon Drive,
                       Silverthorne, CO 80498

Phone:  970-468-0405         Cell:  970-389-1764           Fax:  970-468-0405

My life since 1957:  After graduation I entered Creighton University, Omaha, NE in a pre-medicine program.  During those three years, I became interested in math and chemistry and considered switching to a chemistry major, but somehow better judgement prevailed.  I finished my pre-med requirements in three years and transferred to medical school at The University of Iowa in the fall of 1960.  I left a lot of friends at Creighton and knew no one in medicine at Iowa, but joined the AKK medical fraternity and entered into a whole new academic and social life.  Most of the guys in AKK had been fraternity guys at Iowa and they knew their way around the Iowa City bars and social life.  Luckily I made it through four years of medical school!  It seemed as though a couple of my roommates during that time were not so fortunate and flunked out trying to keep up the pace.  By the time we reached senior year in med school, the only women that knew us or would have anything to do with us were nurses, so I married one at the end of my senior year.  Jan and I then went to Los Angeles County Hospital for a year of internship and had our first son, Rob, during that year.  At the end of my internship, I still was undecided about specialization.  The Vietnam war was heating up and I decided I had better get away from the West Coast and I volunteered for training as  a Flight Surgeon in the US Navy.  This took us to Pensacola, FL for six months training and then I was assigned to a fighter squadron based in Key West, FL for the next two years.  This was a delightful time and I flew in the F-4 Phantom on land and sea, however it was a medical vacuum, and I had just spent eight years of my life to become a physician, not a jet jockey, so I applied for and was accepted for a residency training in Radiology at Iowa.

During the residency, I decided to further subspecialize in Radiation Oncology (treatment of cancer with x-rays).  After finishing residency I was invited to stay on the staff of University Hospitals in Iowa City and did so for two years.  You may remember at the reunion in 1972 that I was the only one of the class who was still in school!  During this time, Jan and I had our second son, Ted, born in 1969.  In September 1972 we picked up and moved to Waterloo where I began practicing Radiation Oncology.  I was fortunate enough to be able to design and implement the first comprehensive cancer center in the state of Iowa.  We also started the first Hospice program which is still one of the most successful in the state.

In 1995, I began to notice a change in how I was personally handling dealing with terminally ill patients.  This was the first sign that I should seek a life change.  I decided to retire and was fully retired by July 1996.   Unfortunately, retirement and my long-standing marriage didn't survive each other and Jan and I divorced in Sept 1996.  I moved to Colorado.

My Life Now:  Moving to Dillon, Colorado in July 1996 changed my life completely.  I joined the Over the Hill Gang (OHG) at Copper Mountain for skiing and soon found a whole new group of friends.  While skiing, I met Bonnie Saunders and we began skiing together and riding on the chairlifts, etc.  Everyone in the OHG knew we were an item long before I did!!  In September 1997, Bonnie retired from her job in Denver where she had lived and worked for 29 years and move to Dillon with me.  My condo had been great for me, but all of a sudden it was not large enough for our 9 bicycles, 9 pairs of skiis, showshoes, hiking equipment and three cats.  We moved to a new home in Silverthorne where the cats have more room and we still enjoy skiing (about 80-100 days a year), hiking and biking and a great group of OHG friends.  I now teach Spinning at the Silverthorne Rec Center and coordinate another OHG program at Arapahoe Basin.  One of my proudest achievements here is starting, with another friend, a biking group that rides every Monday. SummitBiking has grown to over a hundred riders on most Mondays.  Three years ago, Bonnie and I were married, but we have decided not to have any children (she is 62).  The photo attached is our wedding photo.  We travel a lot, but if any of you go through Colorado, we are right at the bottom of the hill coming out of the Eisenhower Tunnel.

What classmates have you kept in touch with?  Mavis-she always remembers my birthday!  Fuzz for a while.  Dixie and I exchange Christmas Cards.

What Classmates would you like to hear from?--Anyone

Any Hobbies:  Bicycling is a passion.  Now I do mostly pleasure riding, but I raced for about 20 years.  Colorado is a hotbed of cycling.  Skiing is my second love, and I have grown to love the sport.  I tried snowboarding, but I don't have enough years left to get as good at that as I am at skiing.  Hiking ranks right in there too.  I figure I will take up golf when I am not able to do any of the above.

Favorite Song:  Rock Around the Clock. 

Bob and Bonnie's wedding picture.
9 August, 2003 
Bob and Bonnie Guthrie in Nepal on top of Mt. Kalapathar--
Yes, that is the summit of Mt. Everest over our left shoulder,
but we didn't go there.  It was only about 5 miles, most of it UP! 
October 2000. 
Bob passed away February 15, 2008
in a skiing accident. 
More details to follow.

Robert Guthrie, 68, passes away
Bob Guthrie, a gifted skier, biker, outdoorsman and adventurer tragically died Friday at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver. He was 68 years old.

Bob, coordinator and lead guide of Arapahoe Basin’s Over the Hill Gang, International ski program, was leading a group of expert skiers through the trees when he sustained a massive brain injury after a fall on Monday, Feb. 11. He never regained consciousness.

This outstanding individual was one of Summit County’s most active and vocal leaders. He worked tirelessly to create the Swan Mountain Recreational Path. His efforts were rewarded when the first phase of the path opened this past summer. Bob was co-coordinator of the Summit Biking Group which, fueled by his infectious energy and “can do” personality, has grown to more than 300 riders who meet each Monday beginning in June. A loyal member of the Copper Over the Hill Gang, Bob is a former past president and master of ceremonies extraordinare.

Guthrie was a congregant of Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church in Dillon and president of the church council. A passionate spinning instructor at the Silverthorne Recreational Center and creator of the most original spinning music, Bob was this year’s outstanding part-time employee in Silverthorne. Bob prided himself on knowing everyone and everyone loved him.

Robert T. Guthrie grew up in Iowa and became an Eagle Scout while in high school.

He graduated from Creighton University and the University of Iowa Medical School.

Bob was a flight surgeon in the Navy during the Vietnam war. A former practicing radiation oncologist devoted to patient care, Guthrie was Chief of staff at Covenant Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa, president of the county and state medical societies and chairman of the state radiological society. In his spare time Bob was an age group state cycling champion and Boy Scoutmaster.

After moving to Summit County to “retire” 11 years ago, Bob pursued the outdoor life with vigor. He is survived by his wife, Bonnie, sons, Rob and Ted, and sisters Mary and Ann and their husbands, Dave and Roger. Bob will be missed by all his friends and family who loved him. Summit County has lost a valuable leader and friend.

In lieu of flowers please make donations to: Swan Mountain Rec Path, Northwest Colorado Council of Governments Foundation (NWCCOGF), P.O. Box 2308, Silverthorne, CO 80498.

A memorial service will be announced at a later date.


I was so saddened to hear of the death of Bob Guthrie.  I re-read his bio and was again very impressed by all of his accomplishments.  Just think of all the people, through his talents, that he has saved!
When he moved to Clear Lake, he wasn't the most physical guy, but he had to be the smartest!  Silly me, I used to think that to be a "jock" you had to play a major sport, but Bob turned out to be one of the best "jocks" of our class!
I believe he moved to Clear Lake just before our junior high years.  As I remember, he lived across from the Catholic church and hung around with me and some of my buddies.  (Tinker Harlan and Bill Shoop)  He was easy to like and soon became one of the guys.  I also remember that his dad owned a pharmacy about a block and a half east of Lincoln school and we used to stop by in hopes of free pop.  I don't think that that ever worked out.
As we started high school, our interests divided us.  His were academic and mine were just staying eligible and what time does the team bus leave on Friday.
Besides his very impressive academic and medical achievements, I was so impressed the way he was the same gracious and attentive listener to all of our classmates at our class reunions.  Because of this, he like Terry Brenheny, was liked by all!  The class of '57 has truly lost a giant.
Larry (Andy) Andersen
Robert Guthrie, M.D., 68, died  February 15, 2008, in Denver, Colo. A memorial service will be in Waterloo at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 26, 2008, at the Covenant Medical Center Chapel. There also will be an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. in Covenant's classrooms one and two, where family and friends can gather to remember Dr. Guthrie.
(Sent in by Jim Knapp CLHS 1958)

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