My life has been busy since 1957!!!! 
30 years of military service, served
as a civilian with Space Command in
Colorado Springs and am now an
Official with NASCAR working out
of North Carolina.  Military service was with the Navy and Army.. with far too many Purple Hearts to show for it.  So here goes!!!!!

Name:  Bill Whelan
Nickname:  Wild Bill (laid on me by NASCAR drivers and crew members)  I am not really wild at all
Martial Status:  Married (sort of)
Spouse:  Jean Whelan (living in Colorado Springs, CO)
Home Address:  139 Harbor Landing Drive
                            Mooresville, NC 28117
Home Phone:  704-799-7079
Cell Phone:     704-507-0574
Fax:               Same as home
Life Since 57:  Military, Space, NASCAR
Life Now:  NASCAR (while the reunion is on I will be working the Daytona 400
In touch with:  Sorry... none
Hear from:  Jerry O'Neill, Charlie Ashland
Help:  Not a chance with my life style
Hobbies:  Scuba diving, running races, sky diving, sailing  (around the world)
1957 Song:  Can't remember the name (but I can hum it) 

I work for NASCAR and travel to all of the races (about 45 races a year in US, Canada, and Mexico).  I have a team that inspects fuel cells and fuel systems before the race cars can practice, I am responsible for lining up and the qualification of all the cars, I line the race cars up for the race, and then work the race from the Spotters Stand.  Each team has a spotter and I am the interface between them and the race director and the series director.  This is a long ways from CLHS where I get to meet guys like Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Jimmy Johnson, Richard Petty, etc, etc, etc.  

Bill Whelan
Music is
'Good Vibrations'