Beverly Witte Marshall
Married to Merle Marshall 1960.  How many years?  Hum!

Two sons; Latimer, Iowa and Cocoa, Florida.  Two step children, a son in Clear Lake, Ia and a daughter deceased.  Their mother is Jane Coyier of Clear Lake, Iowa.

From the above children we have a total of six grandchildren.

I'm a nurse, LPN at Mercy Medical Center North Iowa in Mason City, Iowa for 38 years plus twenty plus years in mental health free therapy.  Ha!

Merle has retired from Local 234 Operators Union and returned to work again on the pipeline as a Teamster taking him all over the U.S.

We live on an acreage northwest of Ventura, Iowa and have riding mules and horses, Merle's passion.  Sometimes I'm the chore girl and a wife.  Get it?

When am I going to retire?  It doesn't feel like it yet.  I love the outdoors, walking, rollerblading and swimming.  The least, gardening and mowing the yard which my spouse does help with much of the time. 

Has this union been smooth?  Ah! No!  Some of my best years were in my manic phase and denial.  Oh yah!  Both Merle and I have had good health so far and for this I am thankful.  Our family continues to grow and our children's families continue to grow regardless of the challanges given to us in our lives.  All of us are strong willed and very challenged by life.