Memo from Jack MacDonald, 5 October, 2006

It looks like July 5,6 & 7.  We register on the 5th and have some social time.  We have breakfast in the a.m. and the banquet in the p.m. on the 6th and some activities of choice on the 7th.
This is tentative and may be subject to slight alteration.

There is also to be a Choir Reunion during this time. 
First Choir rehearsal will be on the 5th.
There will be more info posted as soon as it becomes available. 
Don Funte is in charge of making the arrangements. 

Dear Friends,

Since time has its way of zipping along, I thought it appropriate to send a follow-up note regarding our 50th reunion plans. I hope most of you did receive the info I sent out a few months ago about our plan for honoring Bud Engen at our reunion banquet. Don Funte has made the arrangements for a practice session and performance.

The reunion dates are 6 - 8 July, with the 5th being a choir practice date. The reunion committee has extended, to any and all, the invitation to join in at our banquet, golf game, boat ride, etc. Jack MacDonald informed me that other than making a reservation, it will not be necessary to pay for any event in advance. We hope so much that many of you will be able to share this special occasion.

The exact time and location of our practice may vary somewhat, but the day of the practice will remain firm. The idea is to extend the invitation  to anyone who had the privilege of being under the direction of Bud Engen in school. Your presence would make the event extra special. Although I have not yet heard if Mrs. Engen will be present for the performance, that is one of the plans being looked into.

I have designated myself as a contact for anyone planning to participate in the choir and other events. The committee would greatly appreciate  knowing how many of you are  planning to attend. The classmates of '57 are working their reservations through the reunion committee. Any of you leaning toward attending, I would appreciate an e-mail from you. My address is:  In the subject line, please write CLHS Reunion.

Please forward this e-mail to anyone you know that might be interested. My addresses are limited so I'm relying on this information being sent to others through you.

The estimated cost of the banquet at PM Park is $18. We are  hoping to send out copies of the songs we will be performing in order to be a tad bit prepared for our rehearsal. Since I have not sung, other than in church, for the past 50 years, I'm hoping to get mine real early!

The entire committee is hoping many of you will attend. For planning purposes it is important that the committee has some idea in advance, so please let me know if you're planning (or leaning) toward being able to  participate.

Look forward to hearing from many of you.

Nancy (Noll) Elliott
18243 Crystal Ridge Drive
San Antonio, TX 78259         

Plans In Progress For The
CLHS Class of 1957's 50th Reunion!
Hold down ctrl and F5
Hold down ctrl and F5

The reunion is upon us. It's less than 2 wks away. We are having former members of the choir perform before the banquet and there will be special guests associated with the choir, e.g. Mrs Bud Engen, the Koepkes, and the Wangbergs.

Registration: 10am to 2pm at the CL library on Thursday, July 5th and a second registration from 4-5pm at the Half Moon restaurant
VFW breakfast from 8-9am on Friday, July 6th
Choir performance: Prior to Meal
Meal/Program: Approx. 5pm at PM Park (arrive earlier for choir performance), Friday, July 5th
Boat Cruise: Boat boards at 9:00am and sails at 9:30 until approx. 10:30 Saturday the 6th
Golf: Approx. 1:30pm Saturday the 6th
**During downtimes, classmates are welcome to drop by the MacDonald home  to visit with other classmates who show up. There will be liquid refreshments (Pop and beer) available.
Recent Memo from Jack MacDonald
22 June, 2007