Memories of the 50th Reunion!
This page is to share the memories, thoughts and remembrances of the classmates who were able to attend the 50th reunion the 5th, 6th and 7th of July.

There will be a seperate page for memories of the First Annual (hopefully) Choir Reunion.

If you have pictures you'd like to share of either of these events, please send them to to be posted immediately.
I will attempt to summarize the reunion activities/experiences so it can put it on the website. When I receive the group picture from Tom Castle, I will forward them for inclusion on our site.
Following is a chronology of events and some comments:
1 We had registration at the CL Library on Thursday the 5th and it was a boisterous occasion with a lot of hugging and expressions of "good to see you" or "who are you". Julie MacDonald and Shirley Stoyles were the registrars/greeters and I hung around to see old friends.
2 We had a second registration at 5pm at the Half Moon restaurant and a meal. This was well attended and beverages were imbibed.
3 On the 6th at 8:00am we had a buffet breakfast at the VFW club. There were some questions to the committee about who had set the early hour for breakfast. I think some would have preferred 11am. Everyone seemed to have a good appetite and I believe enjoyed themselves. This event was also well attended.
Note: While I'm thinking about it, I don't have final statistics on attendance, etc. so I will 'turn that in' later.
4 The next event was the banquet/program: The choir performed 3 numbers and gave an outstanding performance which received a standing ovation. The choir had 3 practice sessions with Allen Koepke who directed the performance. He gave an excellent and lauditory introduction to the choir. He told of this being a one of a kind group and this being his 1st experience with anything like this. I'm sure either Don Funte or Nance Elliott will express the class's appreciation to him. I would also like to include that Don Funte also gave an eloguent introduction to the guests and choir. Speaking of guests, we had several members from classes on either side of the 57'ers and I thoroughly enjoyed having them join us and hope they will again. Jane Pedelty (1956 grad) was the accompaniest and played a huge role in making the choir event happen. So again, thanks to Don F, Nancy E, and Jane P for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful musical group.
5 We also had 2 classmates (Larry Lepley and Jerry O'Neill ) perform some 50's music on guitar. Our thanks to them as well.
6 Larry (Andy) Andersen emceed the program and related many humorous stories about our classmates and gave illustrations of how life was in the 50's. In our opinion, there will never be a better era to have grown up and to be able to survive all the dangers surrounding us (like lead paint, BB guns, etc) and to be able to survive without all the modern conveniences including ball point pens. None of us knew what a minefield we were traversing.
7 On Saturday the 7th most of the group gathered at the Lady of the Lake for a 1.5 hr cruise. It was a beautiful day and the weatherman cooperated during our entire reunion period (someone must like us). During the cruise, the class had a short ceremony to honor our departed classmates who now number 15. A rose for each classmate was dispersed overboard to the lake by Jane Coyier. It was a sobering and touching experience.
8 Following the cruise at 1:30 pm on the 7th, a group of 13 golfers tackled the Arrowhead course by State Park. There were 3 trophies awarded. Jack MacDonald received the "Medalist" trophy (honest, the event was not fixed), Bill Stoyles took the "Blind Bogey" trophy in a chipoff with Gary Lowman (this may have been fixed) and Dick Tarr took the "Showed up" trophy for a fairly high score and taking approx. 5 hours (on a cart) to complete his 9 hole round. For people who don't play golf, a normal 9 hole round should take about 1.5 hrs.
This concluded the scheduled events and Arlene Rodenbeck Radcliffe and her husband Cecil hosted an informal gathering at their home on the Lake. This group rounded out the day with a few more beverages and refreshments.
As I said earlier in this epistle, pictures will follow.

Opening remarks by Jack MacDonald..........
Please share your memories and remembrances of the reunion
with us all.
Send to to be posted immediately.
"While you all were enjoying  beautiful Clear Lake, I was sweating my butt off at Daytona International Speedway in Fl.  Trust me.... I would have much rather been in Clear Lake than Florida.

Both the Busch and Cup races were good, but it was still work and it was hot and humid  (90/90) degrees/humidity.  Bill Whelan"
Refresh for additions!
Refresh for additions!
Memories from Bill Stoyles
what a super week this was.  to see all the ol 1957 grads was awesome + some of the not 57ers who attended to sing for us  that was super duper.
what a boss we had in jane coyier + the rest of the committee.  it was fantastic to work with them.  can hardly wait for the next reunion. 
julie and shirley did a super job at registration desk.  i think they put in more time than i did.
the hilite of the week was beating gary lowman in a chip off for the world championship.  i think he cheated and played bad so he would not have to take the trophy home that julie made.  his beautifull wife janet, alias ralph, judy, sam, hey you, or all the above did not want him to win.  she reminded him it is tuff sleeping on the driveway.
the boat ride and ceremony for all of our lost classmates was.................i can't put it into words.
to hear jerry and larry perform was magnifikoooo.  we forgot to bring the sheperds hook to bring them off the stage however.
i was going to sing with the choir, but i can't read notes that have little flags on them.
i think of the letter F describing our class  -  fifties, fun, fine people, fantastic, fearless (when you read the bios), favorites, food lovers, first (as in #1) & forever friends.. 
Written by Bill (Bullet) Stoyles

Just want to thank all on the committee for a great reunion.  The Boss(Jane Coyier) an outstanding job along with all the other classmates and their spouses that were on the committee a great reunion.  I enjoyed all facets of the reunion even the golf although I did not play all that well.  The breakfast at the VFW was tremendous.  The choir WOW and I am not even musical!!  Andy as usual did a great job as emcee.  The Larry and Jerry show----well what can one say--they had fun doing what they did----brave guys that they are!!  The informal evening at Half Moon was neat as well.  The memorial for our lost classmates was very moving.  What a great idea to remember them with the Roses from Lady of the Lake.  Brought tears to my eyes for sure.  Thanks to Jack and Julie and Arlene and Cecil for opening their homes to us also.  With that said what else can I say I enjoyed it all.  Judy Heifner
Thanks to all the classmates (the BOSS OF BOSSES and her CAPOS) for the great re-union.
What a neat bunch of people. All the amazing stories of the huge successes and accomplishments of the Class of '57. I think, in most respects, we are bonded closer now, than we were 50 years ago. I know that I have a greater appreciation for my classmates, knowing all the trials that come in living those 50 years since graduation. Education,marriage, family, carreer,(divorce, ouch) wins and losses, heartbreak and joy, and finally, being able to look each other in the eyes and say, "we survived all that, and are still smiling ".
     Cheers to the Class of 1957 !!!!!!! I truley believe we were the last real "HAPPY DAYS" class.It never got better after us.
   Love to All........ROSE 'N' LARRY LEPLEY