Back row: Gary Anderson, Jack MacDonald, Bill Stoyles, Mick Minnette, Pinky Lein, Ron Law, Ron Franks, Matt Bell, Nancy Noll, Dave Roberts, Tom Fankell
Third row:  Mary Ellen Nyhus, Arlene Rodenbeck, Dick Tarr, Larry Andersen, Kaye Barlow, Gary Lowman, Jerry O'Neill, Bill Kotz, Jim Friest, Dale Sargent, Charlie Ashland, Bob Guthrie, Mara Beth Nelson, Carolyn Kellogg, Ellen Erickson
Sitting:   Sandy Severson, Mavis Fisher, S. Fisher, Jane Smith, Judy Heifner, Karen Heinrich, Pat Mahoney, Elsie Sorlie
Floor:  Larry Lepley, Marilyn Madsen, Stan Benner, Bev Witte, Jane Coyier, Don Funte, Duane Aske, Mary Kruse
CLHS CLass of 1957's 45th Reunion
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